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If you’re sick of dry, damaged hair, you can do something about it –  Here's How!


Dear Friend,

Did you ever think you could have the beautiful, strong hair you’ve envied on movie stars and celebrities?

Now that hair can be yours just by stepping into a shower rather than a stylist’s chair, just by using a gentle cleansing shampoo. The rich, gentle formula is specifically designed for mild cleaning that protects and repairs brittle, style-damaged hair.

With the special significance placed on hair in our society, it is subjected to special treatments and processes like dyeing, conditioning, and styling. While these improve the look and feel of hair temporarily, over time they can break down hair’s composition and result in the dry, broken look many women wear every day. Other shampoos and conditioning systems have promised to 1) gently cleanse, 2) condition, and 3) repair and restructure the hair, but these promises are never fulfilled. FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo will fill this void – you can find it at IHD Arbonne.

The spheres are produced in a patented process that encapsulates reparative and protective ingredients in tiny vessels that bind directly to the most damaged areas of the hair shaft. How is this “smart” technology accomplished? Damaged sections actually have more surface area, which means the spheres have more of an opportunity to bind to the shaft. These little packages allow us to add ingredients that wouldn’t normally be used in shampoo, including the premium cleansing agent, corn. With a beautifully rich foam, the spheres cleanse the hair without damaging the cuticle.

The first time you style your hair, you won’t believe you’re touching your own hair! One customer reported being able to go 12 weeks between salon visits while using Gentle Cleansing Shampoo… she used to get her hair cut every six weeks!


Helps your hair appear healthy and radiant
You’ll instantly notice fewer flyaways, frizzies, and pulled hairs as the spheres strengthen your hair shafts from the inside out.

• Will not strip hair
The spheres contain the purest fatty acids, avocado oil, vitamins, and ceramides to repair even the most damaged hair naturally. No harsh chemicals or toxins for your hair in this complex!

• Formulated with Optima Spheres for ultimate hair protection
If you had your choice between a formula that slides right off your hair shaft and one made of minute spheres with the ability to cling to the shaft and continually deliver its nutrients, which would you choose? Yeah, us too.

• Gentle enough for everyday use
Because we use only natural ingredients, there’s no risk to using our shampoo every day.

• Helps repair damaged and stressed hair
We know what causes dry and brittle hair, the problem is that nobody is doing anything to help on a daily basis… until now.

Want the best style with the same healthy formulation as our shampoo? Use Gentle Cleansing Shampoo with Flexible Hold Gel, our alcohol-free spray gel that helps you achieve the style you want without the heaviness and flaking that damage hair. You can find Flexible Hold Gel in an 8 fl. Oz. bottle for $15.60.

Get ready to toss your hair over your shoulder every chance you get! You can get the beautiful, cornsilk hair you’ve always wanted… today, and with no risk, no hassle. You are completely protected by our special no-nonsense guarantee, so order today and get the hair you deserve!

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