Moisturizing Treatment for Your Summer Hair

The summer months may require us to give our hair some extra tender loving care.  With the extra humidity and harsh chemicals that often accompany a day by the pool, our hair is screaming for some additional moister.

Try using the following overnight conditioning treatment that will give your summer hair the extra moisture it needs.

Give Your Thirsty Hair an Overnight Drink!

Douse your hair with an overnight moisture bath using this oh-so simple baggying technique!

1) Generously moisturize (saturate) dry or damp hair with a lightweight non-silicony leave-in conditioner like Nutress Instant Conditioner.

2) Pull hair into a ponytail and put a few tablespoons more of the conditioner in a baggy depending on the quantity of hair.

3) Cover your ponytail with the baggy and secure with a ponytail holder.

Wrap your head with a satin scarf as usual and unveil your lush, moisturized locks in the morning!

Angela McTair, General Manager, Nutress

What is your favorite summer hair conditioning treatment?

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