Makeup For Gray Hair

Long gray hairAs a woman, whenever we change our hair color, we also need to change our makeup beauty tips. When we have a drastic hair cut or color (such as Gray Hair), this can often change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we look. We, in turn, can then make changes to our wardrobe and makeup. Different hair colors can change the appearance of our skin tone – darker shades making us appear slightly paler and warmer shades adding warmth to our face.

However, with gray hair, it often results in our skin looking washed out and pale due to the lack of pigmentation in the hair. Therefore, it’s good to look at makeup beauty tips to flatter your new skin tone and hair color.

As always, makeup beauty tips tell you to start with a base. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and can become uneven; therefore, you should look for a foundation that helps with this issue, i.e. moisturizing foundations. A tinted moisturizer will add light color and warmth to your skin. Blush is another great way to help brighten and add definition to your cheekbones. The color of blush that you choose can be determined by the color of your skin tone. Note: mature skin should steer away from powdered blushers as they can accentuate wrinkles; instead opt for gel blushers or cream.

Health and Beauty Tips

Eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul, but for some can be the first place you notice the signs of aging.

  • If you have white gray hair, eye shadows in grays and taupe shades will be most flattering. Harsher shades, such as blacks and deep browns can make the tone of your skin appear too pale or "over done".
  • Powder eye shadows are very easy to apply but those with more matures skin should avoid glitter powders as they will emphasize any wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Younger skins with slightly gray hair can use cream shadows and you can even try slightly darker shades. 
  • When applying mascara, opt for a warm brown or strong black to help make your eyes pop. The same can be said for eyeliner just remember not to overdo these products. 
  • For dark gray hair, blues and violets can be very flattering, especially when paired with blue or green eyes .
  • Lip Color – choose a moisturizing lipstick as they are less likely to settle in any cracks in your lips. 

Remember, health and beauty tips tell you that the fact that you now have gray hair is an opportunity to change your look and, if you look beautiful, you will feel beautiful!

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