Keep Your Relaxed, Healthy Hair as You Age

If you’re still fighting off the short helmet-like hair styles that seem to accompany aging women, let me start by first congratulating you!  Next, let’s take a look at how we can maintain youthful, healthy hair as we age using the following tips from our expert guest bloggers.

Best Steps for Healthy Hair

• Seek out young, hip stylists to try new styles. Ask for their help to select something without changing your hair so much it is difficult to style yourself or that is awkward for your age or lifestyle.

• Get regular cuts. Regular upkeep of your hair every 6-8 weeks is the best. Your hair on average grows a half an inch every month and will start to split if it is not trimmed on a regular basis.

• Coloring helps. Coloring will help with youthfulness if it is done with the integrity of the hair in mind. Coloring can also damage your hair. We recommend that every time you do a color you are also doing a deep conditioning treatment.

• Consider a smoothing treatment. There are many treatments, both permanent and semi-permanent, that can be used to help with smoothing and adding protein. These also improve hair texture, shine and control.

• Treating the scalp is important. A healthy scalp = healthy hair. Blow dryers, styling or flat irons and brushes directly impact the health of your hair; reduce heat damage by using professional tools that aid in conditioning hair.

• Maintain hair at home. Healthy and youthful hair is blend of what’s done in the salon and what you do at home. Use quality products and heed product education and recommendations from your stylist.

• Know the ingredients in hair products. Certain ingredients may make your hair feel great, but are damaging from the inside out, such as some non-vegetable glycerin. Many shampoos and conditioners sold in big box stores cost little because they have few long term benefits for maintaining healthy hair.

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Products for Healthy Hair

For healthy, young looking hair, the answer is simple: a mix of products is always best depending on your hair type, texture and whether or not it is color-treated, etc. Protein Sprays in general fill the hair follicle and infuse the strand with moisture thus making it young and shiny. If your hair is fine or color treated you may need to mix in a gel or treatment cream first. A great example of a cream treatment is Phyto 7. Additionally, Infusium 23 is an excellent solution for Protein Spray and affordable for all.

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What rituals do you use to maintain healthy hair?

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