How to Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Every so often I get caught in a phase where my primary hairstyle is a pony tail, or if my hair happens to be shorter at the time, I bind it back in a head band.  I often need to be reminded that the salon is my friend, not just another place to spend money.

Using professional products and tools on your hair can make the difference between drab and fab.  For healthy hair that is beautifully styled learn what products are best and how finding the right stylist can help take your look to the next level.

Professional Products for a Professional Look

For healthy hair, all you need is great tools and the right products. If you forgot to take care of your hair, there are treatments out there that can repair your hair up to 80% and save your color as much as 60%.

Go to a professional salon, and see how much they can save you. A trim every six to eight weeks will maintain the strength of a great treatment and avoid future damage. After you find a great salon treatment, look for the best professional ionic tools you can find. An ionic dryer saves the environment and your hair by reducing drying time and makes your hair shiny too.

Professional products are the final tip for healthy hair. You will want to ask for a thermal protectant if you use an iron on your hair and a sun protectant if you are relaxing at the beach.

These tips are easy if you find the right stylist willing to share a secret or two, these tips should get the ball rolling in favor of healthy, shiny hair.

Angus Mitchell, Co-owner and Artistic Director of Education (JPMS), Owner (Angus Mitchell Salon), John Paul Mitchell Systems & Angus Mitchell Salon ~ Beverly Hills

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