How to Get to Know Your Fabulous Hair

Do you have fabulous hair?  YES! You do!  Many of us can go on and on about all the bad qualities of our hair, it’s unmanageable, it’s too fine, it’s too thick, it doesn’t straighten, it’s too straight…  aaahh, the grass is always greener!  Well, our expert tells us how to find the fabulous in our hair – we all have it.  Learn how to make it yours using the following tips:

Know Your Hair!

We all know that a fabulous hair cut that considers your own waves or straight links is the number one way to succeed in a great head of hair! Throw those catalogs away and take a close look in the mirror. And consider the time you have to devote to your hair. If you work or have a young family, your time may truly be limited.

After your haircut, the products you discover are the next best secret you have! If you color your hair – try not to wash every day. Your color will not last as long if you do. There are products available that will take day old hair and spice it up for the tasks the day will throw at you!  If you do not know how to develop a style in this way, at least learn to use a rubber band with finesse or if you don’t work try a great hat!

Healthy hair comes from a healty body! So even if age is stealing some of the body and fullness you had as a teen – remember to nurture yourself (and your hair) with vitimans and great nutricious foods.
Above all, care for your hair as you do all of your body – encourage it, feed it well and let the wind flow through it once a day!

Whether you sport a pixie “do” or hair to your waist – remember it is your number one accessory and the way many begin their description of you. Above all – make it your friend!!! And remember – you are truly are Lady Godiva to SOMEONE!!!

Tica Tallent, Author, “What is Beautiful: Secrets From a Personal Shopper”, What is Beautiful

What is your favorite way to wear your fabulous hair?

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