Healing Hair Care Techniques for Healthy Hair

The cool months of winter may have our hair looking dry and brittle. During these months we are continually exposed to forced heat and battle dryness in our skin and hair. As the weather breaks this spring, we can give our hair a break too! Learn how to have shiny, healthy hair using our diet and some excellent healing tips from our experts!

Lustrous, shiny mane

When I change my clients diets, one of the first things they notice is the change in their hair. They develop luster, sheen, and regrowth. The quality of the food you eat has a direct relationship to the quality of your hair.If you want dry, frizzled hair, load up on fake foods, packaged foods, and artificial sweeteners!

But if you want sexy, lustrous hair, make sure that you eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and do not be afraid of good fats and oils like avocado and olive oil, fish oil and whole eggs. Drink veggie juice!

Sally Kravich, Sally Kravich, M.S. Holistic Nutrition, CNHP, CNC

Kevin Murphy’s Top 5 Winter Hair Repair Tips

1. Your hair will be exposed to lots of artificial heat during the cooler months so make sure you use hydrating products to stop the hair drying out.

2. Go for ‘mohairy’ texture (to match your winter woolies). Try to create looks that work with flyaways!

3. If wearing your hair down, go for natural looking gentle movement, rather than a full curl

4. We will see lots of ‘up’ styles, however the bun will be moving from the top of the head to the nape of the neck

5. Create fuller hair at the base (use a thickening product in the lengths of the hair) to achieve hair that swings and moves. Longer layers will also help achieve this look

Kevin Murphy, KEVIN.MURPHY Founder and Internationally Acclaimed Session Stylist

What foods do you include in your diet to promote healthy hair?

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