Getting It Perfect With Makeup For Gray Hair

Beauty TipsGray hair is a natural part of life, to a certain extent it’s unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean we should dread its arrival. You may not be quite ready yet to embrace gray hair, but if you are then you might have noticed a few changes. Gray hair can change the way you look in more ways than one, so now that you’ve decided to embrace it, it’s a good idea to embrace the other changes that come with a new hair color, the most important of which has to be your make-up. So, here is some information that will help:

Top 6 Hair and Beauty Tips

Beauty Tip #1: Being closest to your hair, your face is one of the things you will notice a change in. It’s true that gray hair can sometimes make your face look pale or washed out, but there are a few things you can do to return the vibrancy to your face and allow it to work with your new hair color, not against it. It’s actually incredibly easy to forget about your face when your hair goes gray, so by following these tips you’re sure to look great with gray hair this year.

Beauty Tip #2: The trick to looking great with gray hair and makeup is making it look completely natural, almost like you’re not wearing any, but not in a bad way of course. Makeup has a fantastic ability to really brighten your face up without it looking false, so a natural look can give your face a healthy glow that will sit with your silver hair perfectly; even if you don’t often wear makeup, gray hair means that you should start.

Beauty Tip #3: Like I said, gray hair can make skin look pale, so one way to give this a boost is to pay special attention your skin’s color palette in order to define your features correctly. When it comes to your makeup base, it can vary greatly in tone; sometimes going too dark can leave our faces looking orange or patchy, so the first thing you need to do is check out your current foundation in a mirror in a well lit room. This should help you see if your face looks too pale. If it does then try moving up a shade, however, if it looks fine, then it’s best not to mess with a good thing.

Beauty Tip #4: When it comes to your lips, rose, red, apricot or even peach shades often work brilliantly well with grey hair, and can help brighten up your face, however, it’s important that you avoid duller shades such as browns, as they can look muddy and dull against silver hair, giving the opposite intention that you started out to achieve.

Beauty Tip #5: Your blush can help define your cheek bones, giving a much younger look. The technique to this is to first choose rose tones or pastel colors for a natural, warm glow. Don’t apply to liberally, and it might also be best to avoid Creams or Cream-Powders, as they can often give the face a powdered impression, giving away your makeup secrets!

Beauty Tip #6: Eye shadow is great for the young and old, as it can really make your eyes pop. The trick to pulling off great eye shadow is to match it appropriately with your eye color in order to bring out the different shades of your eyes. For brown eyes, colors such as grays or browns can look fantastic and give a really glowing, autumn feel. For blue eyes, a palette of gray’s, slates and navy’s often brighten tired eyes and bring out the natural color of your iris.


Try experimenting with these hair and beauty tips in order to find the right look for you, because once you’ve got it right you’ll be surprised, contrary to popular belief your new gray hair can actually make you look younger with the correct makeup, as opposed to adding extra years without.

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