Get Celebrity Hair Without A Celebrity Hairstylist?

Celebrity Style TIpsHave you ever heard the expression, "the grass is greener on the other side?" Of course you have, but did you ever think that it applies to all walks of life including celebrities?

We search magazines looking for celebrity beauty tips and secrets and pay close attention to their opinions on health and well-being. But are their secrets to a healthy physique and beautiful features really that different than you and me? Can you have beautiful hair like celebrities?  What really are their celebrity beauty tips?

Celebrity Beauty Tips

Trust the professionals!Just like you and me, celebrities consult with their hair dresser(s) to determine what version of their hair will have them looking their very best. To determine what style and which celebrity hairdo might look best on you, consult with your hairdresser; an in-depth conversation to determine the style that is best for your lifestyle, and compliments the shape of your face.

Take one of Sharon Stone’s celebrity beauty tips, for example. Her short, soft and sexy cut not only accentuates her face shape, it’s versatile too! If this is a look that looks good on you, try styling it at home by spritzing a generous amount of lightweight hairspray all over your hair and blow-dry with your hands to get that textured, natural, playful look.

Do you have fly-away hair? Talk to your stylist about adding a little color to give your hair a fuller, richer look. They can help you choose a tone somewhere in your natural color range, another celebrity rule to get that extra glamour while still maintaining a natural aura.

Use the Right ToolsDon’t let your income discourage you from living like a celebrity. There are many options for your hair care at different price points. Find what works for your wallet and invest in the proper hair tools. Depending on your preferred style a good quality blow dryer, flat iron, some soft rollers or curling iron can be the best purchase you make all year.

The proper hair dryer and rolled brush can help you achieve that A-List blown out straight sassy look full of bounce and shine. If volume is your problem, soft rollers can help create volume where you have none.

Be CreativeOne of the great things about celebrity watching is that we get to let someone else do wild and crazy things first to see if we like them. When you see a style you like that you think will look good on you, take that style cue and try something different.

Do you have hair like Jennifer Aniston? Try one of Jennifer's celebrity beauty tips and turn your daily locks into an evening sensation with a simple braid at the hairline; a great style to keep the hair out of your face and let everyone see your beautiful face.

To achieve her flawless wavy curl look; wash hair and towel dry then apply curl mousse. Dry hair in segments wound around your fingers pressing slightly while blow drying against the roots. Keep winding and when almost dry apply volumizing hair spray to roots.


Whatever your preference, remember that it all starts with the professionals. No not the celebrities, talk to your stylist, discuss what you are interested in and listen to what they have to say. Celebrities did not become style icons on their own and many of their best beauty tips and secrets are those born from their conversations with their trusted experts







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