Four Professional Tips from Experts on How To Prevent Gray Hair!

Natural Beauty LookAs life moves on, one of the things we women want to do is maintain our natural beauty look and that means prevent gray hair.  The drugstores are full of products that make claim after claim that they prevent gray hair. There’s so much confusing information out there, that we wanted to ask experts what they do and are pleased to present four tips from professionals.

#1 – Gray Hair

Embrace Your Hair Color I always admired my mother’s salt and pepper colored hair that was until my hair became just like hers. When I looked in the mirror I saw the gray hair as a sign of age, and so the battle began. It was my ego and hair dye against the silver grays that seemed to multiply by the hour! The battle went on for several years until I grew tired of roots, hair dye, and dried lifeless hair. I made a conscious decision to embrace my natural hair color, and now I love those silver grays. My hair sparkles; it is no longer dry and lifeless but vibrant – a sign of my age? Perhaps, but it is also a sign of my spirit and wisdom. Embrace your hair color – you’ll be glad that you did!

Paula M. Ezop –

#2 – Tackling Gray Hair

We are all too young for gray hair – unfortunately, there is nothing that can prevent gray hair from coming in, so let's tackle the unwanted gray as SOON as it is visible to the eye! Here are a couple of options:

BLEND away the gray by adding soft and warm tones – as our age increases our hair loses its natural glow. By adding the lost warmth back into the hair, you will appear refreshed and not washed out.

COVER gray hair with a permanent hair color when your natural hair color has reached 20% gray or more. This will cover it completely! When coloring your hair, remember to always take into consideration your natural skin tone, eye color, and existing hair color. Also remember, NEVER have roots showing! You should cover your roots every 2-4 weeks depending on your target shade.

EMBRACE IT. If you are one of those lucky women who can pull off displaying your natural gray hair color, make sure you look polished from head to toe!

Sherry Ratay – Named #1 Hair Colorist in Central Florida by Orlando Magazine –

#3 – Solutions For Gray Hair

Avoid blocking out your roots with one color! Try adding your base color in reverse highlights with one solid color – this will result in less frequent touch ups, expense, and maintenance. Balayage the hairline slightly lighter to defuse the grays, it’s easy and always works. Style hair on a diagonal side part and using gel, gently slick back from part and lift the front hairline for some volume. It's glamorous and elegant and no one will know that you hate what lurks underneath!

Alan Gold – Creative Director of The Haig –

#4 – Options For Gray Hair

The technical term for gray hair is "Canities" and it’s due mainly to the loss of natural melanin pigment in the hair shaft.  It either exists before birth or is acquired due to genetics or the natural aging process and it can be premature.  Gray hair is also acquired through worry, nervous strain, anxiety, heredity, as well as a prolonged illness. 
Once gray, many opt to color over it.  For best results, use a permanent color. (not w/a relaxer or other chemicals, gray hair will turn yellow or green)  Also, because of lack of pigment, the gray hair will be more resistant than the "non-gray" hair, therefore, relaxers/perms may not last as long. Keep it moisturized, using a leave-in conditioning lotion.

Toni Love – Licensed Cosmetology and Barber Instructor –


Keeping that natural beauty look is something we all want to do. Whether we can keep our natural hair color through the stresses of life or cosmetically alter it is one of life’s major decisions. Naturally beautiful hair is something that comes so easily when we’re young, we’re pleased to be able to present tips on if you can prevent gray hair.

Natural Beauty LookWhat are your tips for "preventing gray hair?"  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!

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