Feeling Blue About Going Grey?

Grey Hair as an Art, not an Issue!

Grey hair, sounds so last century!  The future is silver, slate, white, platinum, now that looks like 21st century TECH color.  Imagine a sculpture instead of a hairdo.  Sculptured haircuts, smooth, geometric, glossy or matte, emulating a modern world, coupled with rounded, soft relaxed clothing.

If curls dominate your landscape, then healthy, shiny, well glossed curls atop a tight fitted silhouette will look young, modern and fun.  Keep it short smooth and sculptured to look modern and younger! Shiny healthy curls with no frizz works to look modern and younger!

BeverlyD,Organic Beauty Craftsman, chemical free hairdressing, www.BeverlyD.com

Skip the Gray!

Never wear gray garments if your hair is graying, because it accentuates the gray in your hair. Best colors for having others overlook gray are bold primary colors like royal blue, cherry red, fuchsia, magenta, navy blue and even black (which can sometimes suggest "blonde" instead of "gray"). Avoid green because this color often makes gray hair look drab.

–Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, www.theimagearchitect.com

Embrace Your Gray

For 13 years I colored my hair and had enough at age 40 when I battled solid white at the roots between appointments to color. So I went gray. It took roughly 6 months and a short hair cut to make the change. We stripped the color and put in a dark blond on my dark brown hair.

To beat the brassiness I use a solid shampoo bar made of marigold from Lush- a Canadian company, alternating with So Silver from Matrix. I finish with Avedas Smooth Infusion Style/Prep creme. Protection from sun damage is a must. Hot irons scorch your hair and change colors so I take longer drying my hair on a lower setting when I want it straighter.

Join the sisterhood. Embrace your gray. A beautiful gray head of hair really does draw welcome attention.

–AlwaysNewYou Everyday Expert: Malinda Wood, VP ofMarketing, UT Federal Credit Union

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Looking for more ways to battle the blues over grey hair? Try these tips:

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