Elegant and Sexy Long Hair

If you are over 40 and afraid to wear your hair long, we've got news for you: it's okay!

As style expert, Sherrie Mathieson tells us, longer hair may make you look younger!

Take a look at Sherrie's advice for pulling off a youthful, elegant, sexy look with longer hair:

Longer Hair Often Translates To Youthful Image

Many women-especially past 50–have good reason to adopt a short style. Thinning hair is the main culprit.

But it may have become a visual marker of getting older–unnecessarily.

Many women still have great hair well into their 40s and beyond–especially those blessed with thick hair, silver or pure white hair, and shiny hair.

They can easily sport a longer style–and should consider it because it looks youthful.

The trick is that it be maintained and styled in a contemporary/modern fashion and not give the look of a dated unkempt "hippie" when it's worn loose.

Conversely it shouldn't be over-teased or look artificially stiff or harshly colored.

The goal is for a modern, natural looking ease.

For sheer practicality as well as beauty–the classic pony tail is one youthful/classic/ageless way to wear it on an everyday basis. Consider a low-loose chignon for a modern version of the "French roll" for more formal affairs.


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