Do You Know The Natural Ingredient For Dazzling Hair?

Beauty Tips For HairHair and beauty tips tell us that beautiful hair can be yours with a natural ingredient.  Would you believe honey has been used for decades to take hair from dull to dazzling?  Restore beautiful hair and lackluster locks with a homemade hair masque.

Hair and Beauty Tips

For beautiful hair the natural way, mix 1 pound of honey with 1 pound of olive oil and microwave for a few seconds.  Once the mixture is cool to touch, apply to the hair from root to tip using a comb, wrap your head with a warm towel, and leave on for 30 minutes, then shampoo as usual.  Believe it or not, the heat from the warm towel causes hair cuticles to open, providing beautiful hair allowing the conditioning agents in the honey and olive oil to penetrate and fortify each strand.  The result?  Beautiful hair with sheen and shine and without a trip or expenses to the salon.

Not only does honey provide a source of ingredients for beautiful hair, it can actually naturally zap bad breath in seconds.  On a morning when you’re flying through your get-ready routine faster than ever — until you find out you’re out of mouthwash, simply mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 cup of warm water, gargle for 30 seconds, and rinse.  It’s actually been proven the nectar’s antiseptic agents eliminate the plaque causing bacteria that are to blame for less than fresh breath.

Not only does honey provide a source of ingredients for beautiful hair and the ability to fix bad breath, it is a long-standing natural source to soothe and soften chapped lips.  Skiing, sledding, or just strolling in the wintertime can take a toll on your lips making them dry and cracked.  As a natural remedy, squeeze a drop of honey onto your finger and apply to the lips.  The natural sweetener honey is hygroscopic, meaning it draws moisture to your pucker to keep it hydrated.  Additionally, it creates a protective seal that allows the damaged skin to repair itself.

Deep conditioning hair treatments are a must in extreme cold weather due to blow drying and the effects of indoor heating.  In the summer, the wind, exposure to the sun, and the dryness of air conditioning add to the natural dulling of hair.  To provide a natural, healthy treatment often prescribed by health and beauty experts, honey mixed with olive oil with the application of a little heat makes a wonderful, low-cost source of glamorous, shiny hair.

Follow these hair and beauty tips and transform your hair from dull to shiny!

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