Celebrity Hair Secrets from General Hospital’s Jen Lilley

Do you ever wonder how the celebrities make it look so easy? What are the stars with gorgeous hair, like Jen Lilley from General Hospital, doing to keep their color bright, locks flowing, and style in place?  Learn what Jen is using on her hair and how you can look great and save money using her little celebrity hair secret.

Celebrity Hair Secrets from General Hospital’s Jen Lilley

Actress Jen Lilley has gorgeous locks the General Hospital fans covet. Her beauty secret? Jen switched from the high end salon shampoo/conditioner lines, and started using Suave Professional’s Almond & Shea Butter for Dry, Damaged Hair line.

Here are some quotes from Jen regarding the matter.

“My hair takes a beating day in and day out on the set of General Hospital. Sure, Maxie’s fashionable mane is always flawless, but after all the teasing, hair spraying, blow drying, curling, and straightening from scene to scene, day in and day out, my hair freaked out!”

“I tried everything to get my hair to bounce back. I even coated it with olive oil every night before I went to sleep, but nothing helped! Then I tried Suave’s new professionals line and it worked wonders!”

“To further protect my hair from heat styling damage, I squeeze about a quarter size amount of Aphogee Gloss Therapy in my palms and run it through my hair after I shower. It’s a hair miracle in a bottle! And it’s affordable to boot!”

Many thanks to Jen Lilley for her great tips to get gorgeous celebrity hair!  For more of her beauty secrets and to see what Jen’s up to, you can follow her on Facebook!

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