Can You Prevent Gray Hair?

Prevent Gray HairHave you ever wondered if you can prevent gray hair?  I asked the hair care experts for some tips on gray hair and here’s what they had to say.

Tip #1 – Regain Youthful Strands

Grey hair just feels (and reacts) differently; we know!  Many women embrace their gray color, but have trouble with the texture the hair has developed. As we age, our hair loses its vitality, shine, manageability, and softness. Once those stubborn coarse grays show up, what to do? Try these tips to feel the youth!

  • Start with a shorter, textured cut. Shorter styles are so chic and contemporary.
  • Use a softening or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to soften strands, making them easier to bend and style. There are even in-salon treatments developed recently to tame loose-cannon textures of gray, making it easier to control and style. The results last about 4 weeks and feel like time has been reset.
  • Ask your stylist for a color glaze either in clear to enhance shine (shiny hair is perceived as healthy youthful hair), or with a slightly violet tone to counteract any yellowing of grey hair.

Monica Flatequal, Hair Stylist –

Tip # 2 – Accentuate Your Gray Hair With The Right Colors

How do you rock the silver locks? It's all about the shades of color you wear in your clothing and makeup. As so many gals are experiencing, the shades they've worn for years when they've colored their hair a reddish brown are no longer working now that they've gone gray.
Here are some tips for gray haired gals:

  • Clothing Colors: Lavender, taupe, dove grey, dusty rose, wine, periwinkle, winter white, french blue.
  • Makeup: The dusty rose tones are perfect for the cheeks, taupe, gray, pale pink and lavender are perfect for the eyes and a rose toned lip pulls it all together


Thank you Monica and Jill for these great gray hair care tips!   

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