Braids: The Fun Celebrity Hairstyle You Can Do At Home

Open up any magazine or tabloid right now and you’ll see one hairstyle on many of the stars – braids.  This doesn’t mean that all the popular celebrity hairstyles are exactly the same.  This is the beauty of the braid; it can be used an infinite number of ways to take you from a casual day on the beach to a formal night out.

A simple look that can be seen on Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere and many others is a smaller braid framing the face while still leaving most of your tresses down.  This is basically just a French braid starting from either a side part or from the other ear that follows the hairline.  Some stars choose to leave a few tendrils of hair down and keep the braid looser to soften the look while others keep it tight and smooth for an active day made easier by having your hair out of your eyes.  Mary Kate Olsen says this is her favorite look for traveling.  This easy style is especially good if you want to be able to pull back bangs, shorter layers, or hair that is growing out.

Kate Hudson and Alicia Keys are just a couple more celebrities spotted around town sporting braids one way or another.  Try making two small strands of braids (one from each side of your head) and pulling them back into a ponytail with the rest of your hair.  You can go a little further and braid that ponytail.  Wrap the braid into a bun, secure with a couple bobby pins, and you’ve got a look that will work in any LA or New York hotspot.

The sky is the limit with braids.  Follow the celebrity trend and get creative while keeping it simple and easy.

Written by Sarah Ann of Conway, MI – July 2009

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