The Devastation of Hair Loss

Hair Loss is an issue that seems to be prevalent among men or so we thought, that concept has changed drastically over the past 15-20 years.  That concept was then geared to the aging woman due to menopause, that concept also has changed as I see younger women seeking solutions for hair loss and hair thinning.

There has been a shift in the paradigm putting women in the forefront in society.  Women’s roles have tripled, being housewives, CEOs, presidents, doctors, and a host of other high profile titles.  This responsibility creates major stress that transfers to the hair.  Depending on the underlying issues, some cases are reversible, others are not.

I am a hairstylist specializing in hair thinning and hair loss over the past 20 years.   I am always researching alternatives and solutions to battle the devastation of hair loss and hair thinning with hair care, hair systems and hair extensions, and in some cases recommending medical advise.

Here are some tips for styling thinning hair.

  • Change your hair style frequently.
  • Air dry your hair with your fingers before styling with the brush (this decreases additional stress on the hair)
  • Blow dry in the opposite direction of desired style to create volume
  • Use darker hair color to create depth
  • Do not vigorously massage hair when shampooing
  • Use a brush specifically designed to detangle hair (Wet Brush, a new brush on the market)


 ~Bianca Lyder, Founder, New Horizons Hair by Bianca

Bianca can be contacted as follows:


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