Beauty Tips for Grey Hair

Beauty Tips For Gray HairIn college I thought I had the most unique Best Friend! Some might guess it was because she came from a good Irish Catholic family, or that she and her two sisters had the same first name; but to me the most unique thing about her was her beautiful hair and how she had developed those hair and beauty tips for gray hair!

At the age of eighteen she had started to go gray, her whole family was genetically predisposed to premature gray hair. Her mother’s beauty advice to her daughters was simple, the use of a good hair dye! She was partial to blonde. Her sisters, however, opted for a subtler rinse closer to their natural brunette. Now my friend rebuked her mother’s beauty tip and decided to leave it 100% natural and her hair was the most beautiful hair I have ever seen to this day. It was a natural base of deep brown with black and auburn and a hint of honey blonde; and those little gray hairs just added to the kaleidoscope of color. Being in our early twenties though it always made me wonder, what causes gray hair and what is the best beauty advice for someone managing their ever changing hair color.

Apparently your hair color is determined on the cellular level where Melanin is produced by Melanocytes located within the layers of the hair follicle. As we produce hair via cell division melanin accumulates in the cell and colors the hair. As we age the hormones that produce this melanin are depleted and the resulting cell function decreases as does the color resulting in grey hair. While premature gray hair is usually attributed to genetics it can also be a result of poor diet and/or excessive stress which can cause similar effects.

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