Beauty Secrets Now That My Hair is Gray

If you have a fear of gray hair, it’s time to conquer it! Many people are afraid to go gray because they don’t know how to style it, you’ve probably heard that going gray can mean changes to your make up and wardrobe, but these changes don’t have to be drastic, they can actually help you to feel glamorous and sophisticated. Gray hair can be a stunning look to carry and, contrary to popular belief, it can actually make you look a lot younger when styled correctly.

5 Beauty Secrets For Gray Hair

Let Your Hair Grow – You’ve all heard the rumors that short hair is the way to go when going gray but this isn’t always true, sometimes, going a little big longer, past shoulder length, can be a great look and take the years off. However, this technique may be best avoided if you have any loose skin on your face, or wrinkling.  In this instance, a chic contemporary shoulder length look can often look fantastic. Speak to your hairstylist for beauty tips if you’re unsure as to what will suit you, as they can give you honest and professional advice.

Accessories – They're for all ages these days, so why not play to your gray hair with the right one? Try adding some steel gray and silver accessories to your wardrobe for a really lush combination with your new locks. It would also be a good idea to make these your signature accessory color, as they go so perfectly; but don’t stop there, sterling silver jewelry such as earrings and necklaces are also immensely popular.

Clothing – When it comes to your clothes, you need to go classic. High quality clothes will look stunning on you, and can easily be matched with your bold silver accessories, as well as some black strappy heels if you’re feeling daring. When you combine this style of dressing with gray hair, you'll look ultra-glamorous and very sophisticated. If you want to add a little color, try red tones or royal blue, because these shades can enhance the beauty of silver toned hair.

Make-Up – A change of make up is also necessary when embracing gray hair, as the wrong make up can result in an unnatural complexion, and no make up at all can cause your face to become washed out. If you're currently using makeup shades that have brown undertones, you may find they also make you look washed out, so try choosing makeup such as lipsticks and blush in pink or peachy tones to brighten your face up. When it comes to eye shadow and eyeliner, explore colors such as silver, soft gray and even navy shades, these colors really compliment gray hair, and can be highly flattering. Never be afraid to experiment with makeup, it can be removed remember, and this is a chance to completely reinvent yourself.

Hair Color – If you really want your gray hair to pop, try enhancing your color to allow it to reflect light. There are shampoos out there that are specifically formulated for gray hair, they have special tints in them that allow them to get rid of any unwanted yellow hues that sometimes come with gray hair, and allow your hair to shine and give you the youthful impression you want to give, as well as giving it a shine and brightness you wouldn’t be able to achieve with conventional shampoos.


Not everybody is ready for gray hair right away, but if you’re ready to make the change, then by following these beauty tips you’re sure to look just as stunning, if not more so, because gray is well and truly in.

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