Beating Hair Loss with Beauty

headwraps-hair-lossEvery now and again, I come across an inspiring story that I just can't help but share.

Last week, Lind Rieschel contributed a great tip for one of our articles (Under Eye Make-Up Tips from Real Women). My team checked out her site and let me know that she had a story about combating hair loss I would want to hear.

And boy were they right! 

Linda was faced with the problem of hair loss as a teenager (can you imagine?)! But, instead of wilting away in self-pity, Linda stood up and found ways to feel beautiful and share her beauty secrets with other women experiencing hair loss.

I asked Linda to share her story with us. Here's what she had to say:

I began losing my hair at age 16 and have worn hair pieces and head coverings all my adult life. I worked in the hair replacement field for 14 years, consulting with women who had lost their hair due to Androgenetic Alopecia (my own type of hair loss), Alopecia Areata, which is an auto-immune condition, and Chemotherapy treatments. These clients inspired me to design a collection of flattering, comfortable, stylish head coverings for women with any type of hair loss.

My Headwrap of Marin collection includes soft, feminine and comfortable Headwraps, Sleep Caps, Baseball Caps, Sashes, and Headbands, which are made of cotton/polyester interlock knit in assorted solid colors and some reversible prints. Also available: coordinating scarves, pins and hand made jewelry. These pieces were carefully designed by me to be completely finished on the inside so that they have no rough areas to irritate a sensitive scalp. The collection is entirely hand made in Northern California.

I recently added a children’s line of feminine head coverings, called KinderKaps for Girls, because, just like ‘big girls’, little girls love wearing something pretty too!

My collection, recently called a ‘work of art’, and described as ‘couture’ is more than just a ‘cover up’. My pieces allow any woman who has lost her hair to feel feminine, stylish, and beautifully ‘put together’.

I hope you’ll visit my Etsy shop soon to see the variety of looks which can be achieved with my coordinated Headwrap of Marin collection;

–Linda Rieschel 

Nini’s Niche |
Twitter: headwrapguru
Novato, California

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