3 Steps to Beautiful Sexy Hair Over 40

Short or long? Curly or straight? Blonde, brunette, red or grey?

Deciding what to do with your hair is a lot like choosing what outfit to wear… except that most hair-styling decisions, like cut and color, aren't as easy to change as your clothes are.

But, creating a sexy style over 40 can be easy with these 3 easy-to-follow hair styling ideas for cut, style and color:


1. Hair Cut: Sassy, Edgy, and Subtle

Low maintenance is key and time is paramount. With hectic being at the top of the schedule, a good haircut will accentuate her facial features first, it must then be able to fall into place after shampooing and a quick blow dry such as a short to mid length bob or a short pixie. Both are interchangeable depending on the attitude of the day.

2. Style: Movement, Smooth, and Frizz Free

Maintaining a great style with ease requires a variety of treatments such as protein, moisture, and oil to replenish the hair and is recommended at least once a month. These treatments will restore the hair shaft and avoid split ends traveling up the shaft which creates frizziness. The hair will also maintain a natural shine and flow smoothly. As women mature the body looses some of its' natural nutrients, that compounded with excessive heat can leave the hair dry and brittle.

3. Hair Color: Natural and Vibrant

Color must compliment your skin tone and your natural hair. As the new growth appears, it should not have a drastic contrast, the more it can blend with the natural color the better., it is less noticeable. Adding highlights will give a great dimension to the skin tone as well. your color should look like you were born with it.

When all three of the above is combined together, your hair will show you much love and respect. Hope the information provided is suffice. 

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