You Can Get Rid of Eye Bags

How to get rid of eye bagsHas your morning ever started with, "dear are you feeling ok, the bags under your eyes look awful?" Most people ask because they are genuinely concerned, however, all we hear is "didn’t you notice how awful you looked this morning?" Well the answer quite frankly is no! Most of us are too tired or worn down to even notice those dark circles, let alone know how to get rid of eye bags.

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

For some people scheduling a trip to the allergist is how to get rid of under eye bags. Dark circles under the eye, can actually be signs of allergies. All types of allergies, food allergies, seasonal allergies or environmental allergies. Not all allergies are accompanied with the traditional sunny nose and sneezing, so if you think your dark circles may be caused by allergies, discuss this with either your dermatologist or general practitioner about next steps.

Another example of how to get rid of under eye bags is getting your proper rest. If you are a typical wife and mother, than you probably lead a very busy life. You get up very early, stay up late and everything done in between is at full throttle. However, do you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night? If not, those dark circles are probably the result of too much stress and not enough sleep.

If the source of your dark circles is hard to determine and there is no easy answer to how to get rid of under eye bags; there are always over the counter alternatives you can try. Eye creams with retinol and vitamin K can reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles.


No one likes the appearance of dark circles under their eyes and we all would love to have a universal secret to how to get rid of under eye bags, however, life is never that easy. Make sure to take time for yourself at least once a week for relaxation, get your vitamins, stay hydrated and use allergy medicine if necessary and those bags should be gone in no time.

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