Skin Care Tips for Bags, Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Under eye bags and dark circles are usually caused by aging and/or heredity. Do your parents have them? Then you probably will as well. Let’s face it; under eye issues are not pretty. They are hard to manage and even harder to get rid of and they pop up at the very worst of times when you need to look your best – job interview, wedding and even that all important first date. For some, under eye bags are inevitable as they grow older. The question is – are you speeding up the process?

If you’re under eye issues are inherited, you can still do something about them through healthy skin care. If they are not caused by heredity, it will be easier to handle with a few simple skin care tips, especially if you know the cause. Let’s begin with a discussion regarding the causes as well as some simple health and beauty tips you can use to rid yourself of those bags and dark circles in the short term as well as prevent and slow their development in the long run.

Some common causes and treatments for under eye bags include;

  • Allergies: Severe allergies can cause bags under the eye. Once you’ve determined that a common allergy is indeed causing the bags, simply treat the allergy or avoid exposure.
  • Water retention: Individuals store excess fluids in different points throughout the body. For some, these excessive fluids collect beneath the lower eye lid, causing under eye bags. The number one health tip to decrease water retention is to reduce sodium intake and drink plenty of water as dehydration actually causes water gain.
  • Poor diet: As with many health and beauty tips, getting rid of and avoiding under eye bags starts with eating a healthy well balanced diet.  Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding alcohol and severe diuretics will help keep balance in your system and avoid water retention and vitamin deficiency.
  • Vitamin deficiency: A vitamin K deficiency can also cause under eye bags. Daily use of antioxidants, vitamin K supplements, multi-vitamins and minerals can help you stave off those bags.
  • Sleep deprivation: The most well understood cause of under eye bags, a lack of sleep can contribute to bags and swelling under the eye. Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep per night to help avoid or lessen the problem.
  • Lifestyle choices: In addition to the use of alcohol, smoking can also intensify the problem. In general quitting smoking is the number on health and beauty tip; however, if impossible try reducing your daily usage of cigarettes significantly to aid in your fight against under eye bags.

For stubborn under eye bags use a cold compress 10 – 15 minutes, one to two times daily. The use of cucumber slices or refrigerated spoons are also common natural beauty tips. The reason? It is actually the cold that reduces swelling. While this treatment won’t rid you of those stubborn under eye bags completely, it will work for a few hours. Routine use will reduce the swelling and slow down the development of larger bags. If you prefer, the use of frozen or chilled green tea bags actually contain the natural anti-inflammatory EGCG and can eliminate those stubborn bags at least for a short period of time.


Under eye beauty issues also include those stubborn dark circles and inevitable wrinkles. In Part II of this article we will discuss the causes as well as the health and beauty tips to combat these issues and reduce their effects.

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