Beauty Experts Tell All on Beautiful Eye Makeup!

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy! Beauty experts say our eyes are the first thing anyone notices about our face – and to give the right impression, your eyes need to be bright, sparkling and attention grabbing. Knowing how to make the most of  your eyes with makeup is critical to making a beauty statement. Beauty experts we asked say every shadow you use on your face matters.

We polled professionals on their personal tips for how to have sexy eyes, We specifically asked them this question – How can I have sexy eyes?

Their answers are surprising and I've listed them all below!

#1 – Never Forget the three E's!!

Eyebrows, Eyelashes and EyelinerEyebrows: Should never be neglected; they completely pull together and frame the face for a polished, sculpted look. Fill in sparse or misshapen brows with a great pencil or marker.

Eyeliner: Opt for a blue hued eye liner (try navy or cobalt) which will make whites of the eyes appear whiter and larger, overall.

Eyelashes: Play up lashes with carbon black mascara or try falsies. Just make sure that you get two sets, one to practice, and one for your night out!

Apply a bone color eyeliner along the wet line to open up the eye and give you an instant – wide awake look. Then, add a hint of shimmer in the inner corner of the eye to make eyes sparkle.

Laura Geller, NYC Makeup Artist and QVC Queen,

#2 – How to Have Sexy Eyes

When you want to go sexy, go smoky! I love a smoky eye – it looks fantastic on everyone! It's important to remember that a smoky eye doesn't have to be black. I like to do a smoky eye in aubergine, navy, dark forest greens and slate grays. This is an ideal look for a big night out or a sexy night in.

Metallic can also be super sexy! I like to experiment with steels and coppers as well as metallic blacks, navys, slates, and purples. To get a smoldering look apply a dark liner along the lash lines and use the metallic shade on the lid and a shimmering highlight around the brow bone. Complete the look with curled lashes and a few coats of black maraca. Definitely rock this look for a night out!

Joanna Schlip, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Physicians Formula,

#3 – Eye Makeup Tips – Add A Splash of Color!

  1. Add a Splash of Color – As an older woman, one of our main desires if for others to notice the beauty of our eyes, not our newly formed wrinkles. Adding a small splash of bright color (either an unexpected light purple eyeliner or an emerald green mascara) will draw the eye where we want others to look. And the color, if chosen correctly, will enhance the color of the eyes, as well. Just be sure to keep it to one element. Less is more.
  2. Trade Sparkle For Shimmer – You’ll hear that mature women shouldn’t wear sparkle around the eyes. It draws attention to wrinkles. This is true, but shimmer is a whole different story. Sparkles are larger flakes of gaudy shine often created by fine pieces of glass (its true!), while shimmer has a satiny sheen that looks more sophisticated. Be sure to keep shimmer just under the brow bone where it will help create a visual "lift" to the eyes.

 Todra Payne, Celebrity Makeup Artist,

#4 – Vibrant Smokey Eyes

To create a smokey eye with navy hues, use a lighter charcoal shadow on the lid and a darker shade in the crease. To enhance the smoldering look, don't forget liner inside your eye and use lots of mascara.

Zena Shteysel, Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist and Head of the Makeup Department at Dancing With The Stars,

#5 – Three Minutes to Brighter Eyes

First, cover any gray circles with a peach-toned concealer.  Gently pat the concealer from the inner corner along the lower edge of your under-eye area, avoiding any creases directly beneath the eye.  Cover lightly with a concealer that is one shade brighter than your skin tone.

Next, line your top eyelid with a dark brown or black pencil liner.  Smudge it into the lash line with an angled liner brush.  Sweep on mascara and curl lashes gently with a traditional or heated lash curler.  For an even brighter eye, line your inner rims with a white pencil liner.

Kaylin Johnson, Pro Makeup Artist,


Beauty ExpertsWhat are your tips for "How To Have Sexy Eyes?"  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!


#6 – Beautiful Eyes

The first is to use an undereye roller/massager on the puffy bags under your eyes. It will brighten your look in just a few minutes. I read somewhere that the gentle patting in of the cream is the secret to reducing puffiness, so maybe you don't really need to buy an expensive serum to achieve the same effect.

The second and even better tip is to take a very soft eyeliner pencil and rub it along the inner baseline of your top lashes (not on the eyelid) before putting on mascara. Be careful not to poke your eye out, of course! This instantly gives the appearance of lush lashes without a thick glob of wax on your eyelashes, which is not a very attractive look – just ask Sarah Palin.

Phyllis Harber-Murphy, CAP, MOS, 

#7 – Sexy Eye Makeup Tips

Prep – Hydrate the eye area with a small amount of face oil. This will create slip so that the product does not settle in the crevices around the eye.

Conceal – If you have blue circles around the eye be sure to use a pink based concealer and set with yellow toned powder and if you have grayish tone circles under your eyes use a yellow based concealer and set with yellow powder. If your dark circles are really dark and you have darker skin use orange concealer then use your regular foundation on top to blend.

Smoke Out the Eyes – To create sultry smokey eyes it's good to layer texture. First, apply pencil eyeliner into the lash line and smudge with finger, then apply eyeshadow up to the crease and soften any hard lines. with the same eyeshadow sweep color right underneath your bottom lash line. Then line with same eye pencil. It is nice to create smokey looks with colors such as browns, purples, greens. Do not feel the need to always use black and gray for the smokey effect. Play with colors.

Shalea Walker, Licensed Aesthetician, Makeup Artist and Founder of Walker's Apothecary,

#8 – Eye Can Do That!

Knowing that your eyes are the window to your soul, it’s important to accent your eyes in a way that creates balance for the rest of your total body image. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or older, all women can have eyes that share something about you beyond the makeup itself. And it’s not only about makeup being attractive to others, but also providing a sense of self-confidence. Using the right tools to create the right look is just as important as using the right colors to create the right look. This often takes practice to get it right, but no doubt you need both tools and technique.
I recommend that my clients use both a soft bristle brush for blending and a sponge tip applicator for initially applying color. Use products with a mineral base, blend and, if your goal is to dash out the door, you may want only two basic colors; one for a base like a neutral honey spice or pink blush. With the sponge tip application, take a more deep color, like gunmetal or deep navy or smoky plum to use as the accent color in the crease. The whole key to having eyes that pop is to be sure to blend, blend, blend! Highlight just under the brow bone with a soft sand or shimmery white for added accent and pop! To complete the look, use a liner in steely gray for daytime or charcoal for evening to definitely indicate the perfect smoky eye. Brows that Wow should be given attention to also, since they frame the eye and are the finishing touch.

Wendy Lyn Phillips, Speaker and Author of Naked to Knockout: Beauty from the Inside Out,

 #9 – How to Achieve a Beautiful Eye

The under eye area should be prepped with an eye cream containing Hyaluronic Acid to plump and soften.  The eye is then ready for a cream based concealer that is one shade deeper than skin tone to conceal a grey tone. Apply a matte, light taupe to the entire eye to bring the whites of the eyes to attention. Very simply, apply a matte grey liner to upper and lower lid as a liner and gently soften with a Q-tip to give the eye a smokey appearance.  Apply several coats of mascara, focusing on lengthening the end lashes for a feminine look.  Consider adding a few individual false lashes to the very end of each upper lid to create a natural, sexy look.

Sarah Kurn,

#10 – Your Summer Face

Use a matte sunscreen underneath your concealer and foundation to help set the makeup and control shine during the heat of summer. Use a facial primer, underneath makeup or after sunscreen that acts as a cushion and gives the appearance of firmer, tighter skin. This summer use a bronzer with a soft pink blush. Try a shear lighter color palette with peach tones for your eye color. Use a multi-color palette with a darker shade on the outside corner of the eyes and a lighter tone for the inside corner of the eyes. Blend the color evenly, fading lightly up to the top of the eye lid. Don't forget your lip gloss for evening events!

Becky Oliver, Makeup Artist and Esthetician,

 #11 – Eye Makeup Can Be Sexy Even In Daytime

Always start out with an eye shadow primer. Use your fingers for applying this product! It helps heat up the ingredients for a more smooth, even application. From there apply a neutral shimmer shadow on both your lid and under brow with a medium size fluff shadow brush. With a crease shadow brush apply a slightly darker matte shadow (still within earth tones) to your crease and blend, blend, blend! Note: Red undertones compliment blue eyes, Purple undertones compliment green/hazel eyes. Proceed onto eyeliner by using a powder liner that you can smudge. You can be a little off on your precision with your application because you’re going to take a smudger and blend it out! Stick to dark browns for the daytime look. This application should take you no longer than 5-8 minutes with the application of mascara!

Jenna Marie Streitenfeld, Multi Media Makeup Artist/Esthetician,


Beauty ExpertsWhat are your tips for "How To Have Sexy Eyes?"  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!


We constantly search for help for the most common eye care questions. We were able to get the personal secrets and tips from beauty experts nationally! The problem today in using computers and going short of sleep mean eyes are often red and puffy – grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons. Have attention grabbing, sexy eyes with the tips above!


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