How To Have Beautiful Eye Makeup!

Beautiful Eye Makeup
Have you ever wondered if there was a way that your eyes could look as gorgeous as the celebrity beauty stars? Well, I have. I knew that there must be some kind of guideline somewhere. I did some research, talked to some beauty experts and finally found exactly what I was looking for – Tips For Eye Makeup. Here it is!

Step 1 – Eyeliner

Eye liner is truly the key to the basics of beautiful eye makeup.

  1. Eyes That Angle Upward – Flaunt it by turning the line up at the outer corner! Try a deep-colored gel liner.
  2. Eyes That Angle Downward – Their shape is gorgeous, but they can appear smaller, especially when you smile. To make them look wider, try smudging eyeliner at the outer corners with a cotton swab. Use a deep-colored kohl liner.
  3. Eyes That Are On An Even Plane – You can play with different methods! Use a deep pencil liner and dot it within your lash lines for a natural, pretty look, or use either of the other techniques for more drama!

Step 2 – Skin Tone

Next, the expert we talked to on how to have beautiful eye makeup says your best eye shadow are the tips for eye makeup that set you apart.

  1. Fair Skin – Apply a sheer lavender from the lash line to the brow bone. It’ll give your skin a hint of brightness while flattering the coolness of your skin. Then dab pearly pink shadow on the brow bone and the inner corner.
  2. Medium Skin – Sweep a shimmery ginger shadow over the lid and blend into the crease to play-up the golden hues in your skin. Then highlight your brow bone and inner corners with a shimmery golden shadow.
  3. Dark Skin – Apply a deep cocoa shadow from your lash line to your crease. This earth tone gives darker skin rich, pretty shading without leaving an ashy gray cast. For a brightening effect, highlight with a shimmery boysenberry shadow on the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.

Step 3 – Mascara

Your perfect mascara is perhaps the most difficult but important to add a perfect touch to beautiful eye makeup.

  1. Thin Lashes – Look for a volumizing mascara that has a brush with close-set bristles. The dense brush will give your lashes lots of volume, and so will the richer formula of a volumizing mascara.
  2. Thick Lashes – Try using either a thinner lash tint that won’t overpower your lashes, or a natural-looking mascara with short silicone bristles that’ll define your lashes without clumping.
  3. Lashes That Won’t Hold A Curl – Sweep on a waterproof mascara. The polymers in these formulations help hold a curl – and they’re smudge-proof.

Step 4 – Eyebrows

And, finally, tips for eye makeup that finish the look are about your eyebrows. Here are a few suggestions to complete a beautiful eye makeup regimen.

  1. Close-Set Eyes – Have the inside of your brow start right above the tear duct. This opens up the area around your eyes. Then make a slightly higher arch at the brow bone.
  2. Wide-Set Eyes – The inside of your brow should start closer to the bridge of your nose, giving wide-set eyes more balance. Then create a shallow arch right at the brow bone.
  3. Fill ‘em In – What makes brows look pretty and polished? Fullness from either a brow powder or brow pencil. With either one, make light, short motions to create hairlike lines.


Beautiful eye makeup starts with one of our best features as women – our eyes! Tips for eye makeup include eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and eyebrows. Stick with the tips above and you will get positive comments you can’t believe.

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