What’s Your Degree of Sexiness Over 40?

Find Your Sexy Secret

Many people blow by this idea or don’t give it the importance it deserves, but truly, it is the hinge upon with everything else swings. Victoria only has Secrets from you if you think you can only find her sexiness in a store or catalog. It’s not just about lingerie.You need to have your own Secrets; your own brand of deliciousness; your own succulence; your own lavishness. Your partner should be trying to discover YOUR Secrets.Lingerie should just be a wrapper. Sexy is what’s IN the wrapper, not the wrapper itself. I promise you, if your attitude doesn’t match the outfit, the outfit will fall flat. It will not have the desired effect on either of you.

Let Fragrance Soothe You into Sexiness

To be sexy over 40, be lavish with yourself. Indulge your senses. Pay attention to what stimulates them. Fragrance is a powerful stimulant. Whether it’s the cologne, body lotion, or laundry detergent you use, infuse your environment with fragrances that soothe you. Sexy must come from a place of calm, quiet confidence.Now, you may have to be willing to be a little clumsy, a little off balance, a little uncomfortable – AT FIRST. If you’re out of practice, that’s OK. Just start somewhere with something. Once you get past this stage, which can actually be very endearing to your partner, you’ll be surprised how comfortable you get with your revived ‘girlie’. And your partner will respond with the reinforcement you’re looking for.

Watch for Signs That Others See You as “Sexy”

If you’re currently not partnered, you’ll notice that other people respond to your new attitude as well. People will lean in closer to speak to you; look you directly in the eyes longer; touch you more often during conversations; be drawn to you in ways they may not entirely understand themselves. Remember always, people may forget everything you say and do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. When people feel good about who they are when they’re with you, you’ll have to beat them off with a stick.
Sexy is about so much more than intercourse. It’s about connection. It’s about honest, loving communication. It’s about a generosity of spirit that transcends lingerie. Great sex can, and should, be a happy byproduct. But if that’s your only aim, you’ll completely miss the target.

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