Wanna WRECK Your Sexy Over 40?

Wanna WRECK Your Sexy Over 40?

Here’s one sure fire way to do it!!


The holidays are upon us. The pressure is mounting. People are expecting you to be scintillating and fascinating and festive – and expecting you to LOOK the same. You’ve got the perfect outfit for that special holiday function. BUT it’s one size too small.

You see this genius idea! Lose 10 pounds in 10 days. Cleanse this; don’t eat that; only eat these; drink this meal replacement gizmo and voilá – the outfit skims your body like butter!! Your inner Diva is on grand display!

Your nearest and dearest, however, is actively creating new ways to get away from you. YOU think your sexy is popping on all cylinders. Your significant other . . . not so much! Why? I’m glad you asked.

Crash diets are one of the worst things you can do for, or to, your sexy! They may temporarily reshape your body, but it has also reshaped your attitude as well. Here are some of the common drawbacks of crash dieting:

  • It makes you irritable

When you are watching others enjoy their lives – and their meals – when you’ve decided to unreasonably restrict yourself, at some point, you lose your patience. Once your patience is lost, it starts to show. You get snappy, short-tempered, and frustrated. All that negativity finds its way out in more ways than you know. NOT sexy.

  • It makes you hungry

To maintain normal body weight, we require about 2,000 calories per day. Typically, crash diets are about half that or less. Nutritional deficits are. . . NOT sexy. Growling stomach, dry skin, brittle hair (common byproducts of nutritional deficiency) . . . NOT sexy.

  • It saps your energy

Severe calorie restrictive diets make you physically weak. You won’t be motivated to do much besides stay home and obsess about what you’re not eating. Does that sound like someone YOU even want to BE around at all (nevermind be sexy with)? NOT sexy.

  • It interrupts your sleep

Most of us know that eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night is optimum. What you may not know is that chronic sleep deprivation can cause hormonal changes that decrease your sexy drive . . . yes, I said sexy drive. Let’s face it. One of the last things you need is something ELSE working against your awareness of your own inner Diva! Right? NOT sexy.

  • It compromises your overall health

This list is really too long to make, but I will say this. One crash diet normally leads to more crash diets. As the weight creeps back and your panic to get it back off increases, more ‘genius’ ideas are ready and waiting for you to take advantage of. Over time, your bones could weaken, your eyesight could be compromised, your hair could start falling out, and worst of all . . . you could actually begin to GAIN weight.

Forget what you heard. HEALTHY is the new sexy. Chew slowly. Eat a wide variety of foods. Drink eight – 16 ounces of water to start and finish each meal. These three simple techniques can help keep you at your stable, healthy, ‘beautylicious’ best. A little consistent effort over time can yield AMAZING results. Now is the time. Claim YOUR amazing. It’s waiting for you.

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