Top 5 Tips to Holiday Dating

Happiest holidays everyone! Cheer is in the air, buzz is everywhere, the holiday spirit abounds. Some of us have long-term relationships. Others of us are starting out as brand new ‘couplings’. Either way, don’t forget to embrace your sexy over 40 and ‘sexify’ your holiday dating plans. Here’s some help:

#5 – Of course you want your date to have an extra treat just looking at you. One way to do that is to incorporate your date’s favorite color into your special holiday fashion. Strategically place this color splash near your . . . wait for it . . . get your mind out of the gutter . . . SMILE! Recent research has shown that men are always drawn back to your smile. It’s very sexy to them. Use that to your advantage. Make sure yours is at its sparkling best – then wear earrings, a necklace, scarf, pin, or whatever your creative genius comes up with – in his favorite color. You’ll be extra magnetic to him and he won’t even know why . . . BONUS!!

#4 – Step up your glam factor! Keep it simple, but make it different. Surprise can be a wonderful enhancement. Risk it and OWN it!! Wear your look, don’t let your look wear you. Here’s something that can help. Incorporate his favorite color in your underwear. Having this secret sexy going on can make you more confident and outgoing, festive and engaging. Enjoy your under cover girly-ness. It can make a delicious treat for him later, too. BONUS!!

#3 – When you take him to your functions, stay with him. Make introductions; engage in conversations, run interference if you know he’s in a ‘sticky’ situation. Be his ally, not his shadow. If he’s having a good time on his own, let him – but don’t go too far away. Let him enjoy looking at you across the room while he’s enjoying himself. Give him something to see without being obvious to everyone else. Remind him of some of the reasons why he was drawn to you in the first place. This can ONLY be a good thing!

#2 – Make a romantic spectacle of yourselves. During the ride from one of your events, play a ‘quiet storm’ version of one of your favorite holiday songs. Ask him to pull over somewhere you can both get out of the car and the driver’s side is against the curb. While the song is playing, go around to the driver’s side and ask him to slow dance with you – outside. See how you enjoy it.

#1 – First and foremost – give him a gift; a meaningful present that shows thought and appreciation. He doesn’t have to spend his holiday with you – even if he’s your spouse. Acknowledge that and show him TANGIBLY that you’re genuinely happy he’s sharing himself with you. Don’t complicate the gift. Make it simple and significant. This isn’t the place for superficial extravagance. It’s the meaning that you want to resonate and last beyond the holidays.

Do these five things – and your dating holiday sexy may last into the new year. Enjoy, Divas!

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