Maintaining Your Sexy Over 40

There are two main considerations for anyone seeking to maintain, or make, their “sexy after 40. They’re probably not what you’re expecting, especially since they’re so simple.

OK, here they are . . . . wait for it . . . the skin you’re in and how you feel about the skin you’re in.


How many times have you seen what appeared to be a physically mismatched couple that had you scratching your head? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how little Ms. computer geek ended up with Mr. corporate attorney, here’s something you need to know. In a man’s world, the sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence!

What are you confident about? 1)The skin you’re in; and 2) how you feel about that skin you’re in. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

The skin you’re in…

  • Good skin covers a multitude of sin. It’s one of the few things you’ll still be wearing once your clothes come off. Make it count.
  • Hydration is your skin’s best friend. Well hydrated skin plumps instead of breaking; smoothes instead of wrinkles; breathes instead of suffocates.
  • Your hair and nails are also extensions of your skin. Pamper them. Regular manicure/pedicures of your natural nails can go a long way toward keeping your sexy intact. Get your hair style and cut updated. A qualified professional can give a look that’s youthful and easy to maintain; something uncomplicated and flattering that’s a pleasure to touch.

How you feel about that skin you’re in…

  • Love how you look right now. Stop pining for the body you once had. Stop waiting for the body you want to have. Love its wrinkles and twinkles; its smoothes and grooves; its juice and it’s loose. Embrace it all as integral to the Divine expression that is YOU.
  • Smile genuinely and often. If it takes an extra effort to find something to smile about, make the effort. There are few things more brightening and beautifying to your face and disposition than a smile. Be generous with your smile. If you pass someone without one, loan them yours. It will come back with interest.
  • Relax, relax, relax. Body and mind, relax. Wonders and worries, relax. Anger and anxiety, relax. In this swirl of negativity it’s hard for your sexy to show. Let it go. Most of it, if we’re totally honest, isn’t worth the energy we give it. And as much as we hate to admit it, the truth is no one else takes us as seriously as we take ourselves anyway. If it won’t matter in five years, let it go. Your inner Diva can’t function in these conditions.

Ultimately, your sexy is at your command. The world is waiting, Diva. What will you show it? Your life is the show. The curtain is raised. It’s show time. Go earn that Tony Award!
Eden Sterlington, Chief Executive Intimacy Officer, is an author, speaker, Emotional Independence Specialist, and seminar leader. Join her email list at Your information is always kept private. Use her ‘Contact Us’ page for any correspondence.

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