3 Musts To Be Sexy Over 40

Redefine Yourself as a Woman

What does this mean to you? Figure out who you are when you’re not so-and-so’s wife, what’s-his-name’s mother, or Mr. Boss’s employee.You grew up having other people dictate to you what your likes and dislikes were, what your strengths and weaknesses were, and what your dreams and fears were. By now, your emotional/psychological ‘default’ is set to accept much of this programming as your idea.When you stop to consider it, really consider it, you’ll discover that’s not the case. Ask and answer basic questions about yourself and sensate satisfaction. For instance, what are your favorite colors, foods, drinks, fabrics, fragrances, music, skin care indulgences, and pastimes?

Chances are you haven’t even thought about things like this in forever! What do you see, hear, smell, feel, and/or taste when you feel your most feminine? You must incorporate some element of these things into your life on a daily basis.

Recreate Yourself as a Woman

How? Change how you think about what you do with your body and environment from day to day.When you wake up, do so slowly, calmly, breathing deeply at least 10 times – all before you get out of bed. When getting dressed, use something that brings your sexual expressionto your consciousness. Whether it’s lingerie, a particular fragrance, or maybe a piece of jewelry that reminds you of a luscious encounter you had. Perhaps you have a small memento that you can keep with you daily from a particularly romantic rendezvous.The point here is to understand that your sexual expression is tangible and needs tangible reinforcement and repetition. Make sure you incorporate this reinforcement and repetition daily. If you don’t do it daily, ‘life’ will creep in and distract you. Before you know it, more years will go by before you realize that you still don’t have your ‘sexy’ back. Don’t let that happen. Life is too short and ‘sexy’ is too much fun.

Release Yourself as a Woman

What does that feel like to you? It feels like you finally accepting and embracing yourself in your entirety – fabulousness and faults, wonder and weaknesses, creativity and cracks.Be unapologetic about the skin you’re in. Recognize it for the unique Divine expression that it is. Love it the way you want others to love it.Pay attention to sensual stimuli. Stop going through your day on autopilot not noticing how much you actually enjoy the caress of the warm water on your skin in the shower. Don’t blow past the heady fragrance or the silky feel of your body lotion as you apply it. Schedule a regular manicure/pedicure appointment and pay attention to the massages. Consciously and deliberate reacquaint yourself with just how magnificent your senses truly are. Then choose to live out this new re-acquaintance in every sensual way possible.

Start with these. Stay tuned for more. This is a lifestyle; not a lesson.

Eden Sterlington, Chief Executive Intimacy Officer, is an author, speaker, Emotional Independence Specialist, and seminar leader. Join her email list at http://www.getbacktopassion.com/products-page. Your information is always kept private. Use her ‘Contact Us’ page for any correspondence.

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