Day Time Eye Makeup Tips

There are a number of ways to apply your eye makeup and a number of looks you can achieve, depending on the occasion.  Here are a few day-time eye makeup tips that will add subtle depth to your eyes.

Warm and Welcoming Eyes

You must start with high quality makeup brushes so the eye makeup blends easily.  Add your base color of choice. I like wine colors during the cold weather months. They add a warm shot of color to the lid.

Next add an eyeliner in a deeper color to the top and lower lash lines. I love using black eyeliners. They give depth and a sexy look.

Finish with black mascara to the top lashes. If you are really feeling daring, go for it and add a few individual lashes for flair.

Andrea Fairweather, Celebrity Make Up Artist, Fairweather Faces

At the Office

In the office, makeup should be clean looking.  Avoid black shadow and anything that can travel or smudge. This is a professional look without eye shadow:

  • Use a complementary concealer on the inner corners of the eyes, and on the lids to even the look.
  • Apply powder.
  • Use a pencil with a little black/brown eye shadow over it to set it.
  • Apply one coat of mascara to the lashes.
  • Use color for lips and cheeks as desired.

Brows should be groomed. A little hairspray on a clean mascara wand can be brushed through to keep brows in place.

Diana Solomon, Makeup Artist

Preparation and Applicaion

  • Use a magnifying mirror to check edges are blended well (in liner or shadow)
  • Check your make-up in the light you will be seen in. Natural daylight always is best.
  • Sharpen pencils and Wipe liners on edge of hand before use.
  • Use clean make-up brushes.
    • Try using different make-up brushes for different effects, types of makeup and for lines (thin or thicker).
  • Use your eye shadow as liner, just add a dot of water and mix well or use a pro product to make it waterproof.
    • Choose the opposite color of your eyes to make them pop. For green eyes, use lavender or purple. Blue, use camel or taupe. Brown, use smoky blue or purple.
    • Add the deeper color as a liner.
  • Add little dots in corner of eyes and to add slight glow.
  • Use creamy white or pale peach pencil, your concealer or a pearly eyeshadow stick.
    • Tap lightly into place, blend by tapping with baby finger or use a concealor brush.

Diana Tenes, Beauty and Style Expert

What is your favorite day-time eye makeup advice?

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