What Makes My Skin Break Out?

The most common acne myth is – pimples happen because you’re not getting your face clean enough.  Over-washing your face, trying to scrub the acne out, is not the answer.

Let’s see what some of the more common reasons for acne are:

Prescription Drugs – Sometimes – Lithium, steroids (like Prednisone), some antidepressants, and ADHD medications list acne as potential side effects.

Dairy – Maybe – Research is inconclusive on most dairy products (i.e. cheese and yogurt), but an earlier study did link skim milk with blemishes (it’s thought to trigger higher levels of a growth factor called IGF-1).  If this is an issue for you, try soy or almond milk.

Your Phone – Yes ! – A phone can be a breeding ground for bacteria; clean it regularly.

An Upset Stomach – Yes – A recent study in Gut Pathogens found a link between digestive health and acne.  If you have irritable bowel syndrome or a frequently upset stomach, see a gastroenterologist – your skin could clear up too!

Makeup – Yes – If it’s the wrong kind.  Oil-free doesn’t mean anything when it comes to acne.  Look for the words “noncomedogenic” or “non-acnegenic.”

Trans Fats – Yes – These man-made fats (common in many processed foods) are known to trigger inflammation, which can cause breakouts

Chocolate – Unknown – The big study that said chocolate doesn’t lead to acne was flawed.  Recent data suggests the culprit is not cocoa but sugar.  Go for dark chocolate; it’s less sweetened.


How do the celebrities beat their blemishes?

Victoria Beckham says pregnancy helps her problem skin!
Katy Perry covers her spots with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Britney Spears problem skin made her a Proactiv fan!
Cameron Diaz gets her zits zapped with LED light treatments.


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