What Do Victoria’s Secret Models Find Sexy?

It’s hot in here! Victoria’s Secret is launching the new wireless Knockout Bra this month, and to celebrate, the brand is releasing its super-hot “What Is Sexy?” list and this equally sexy commercial (above), featuring three scantily-clad models doing what VS models do best — lounging around in a fabulous mansion.

So what is sexy? According to one of the commercial’s stars, new mom Doutzen Kroes, a man can be sexy by showing “passion for his job, for life, and for his lover — of course,” she tells PEOPLE.

Starring alongside Kroes is fellow VS model Lindsay Ellingson, who finds summer sexy. Why? “I get to pull out all my bright sundresses, have a glowing tan, go bike riding and do yoga on the beach,” she says.

And not surprisingly, both women agree that lingerie can boost any girl’s sex appeal — no matter her size. “Buy lingerie that you feel sexy in and wear it under your everyday clothes,” Kroes recommends. “A little secret is very sexy.”

Watch the girls in action in the clip above. Tell us: What do you find sexy?

–Jennifer Cress


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