Summer Sexy Skin Tips from a Celebrity Stylist

You want to be beach ready this summer season with sexy skin.  How do you freshen up your skin from the dry winter months?  Learn how to get sexy summer skin using these tips from celebrity stylist, Ali Levine.

Celeb Stylist Ali Levine says,

“Scrub, Slather, Spray Tan your way to Sexy Skin”

With the weather heating up and hemlines rising over the next few months, Celeb Stylist Ali Levine says it’s important not to overlook your most important accessory – your skin. After being hidden under layers of sweaters, scarves and boots, it can be quite an unpleasant surprise the first time you reach into the depths of your winter wardrobe to dust off that bikini or killer sundress. Luckily, Levine has three simple tricks she picked up from her time on set with makeup artists to get that summer glow quicker than you can say “sandals.”

If you’re anything like most women, you probably skipped the whole exfoliation step in your beauty routine once Labor Day came and went. Levine suggests giving dead, dry skin cells the boot with a sugar or citrus scrub once or twice per week depending on your skin type. Her faves? Burt’s Bees Cherry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub ($12.99) and Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Scrub ($35).

Nothing is less sexy than scaly skin, so make sure to moisturize daily from head to toe. For maximum absorption, apply lotion within 10 minutes of showering and pick those with natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter or Dove’s Cool Moisture Cucumber and Green Tea lotion that can be found at your local drugstore. Looking to amp your skin’s star power? Levine says to grab a lotion with a hint of shimmer or color to instantly contour your limbs.

Spray Tan
Finally, get a summer glow without the sun damage. Visit your local salon and ask for a shade no more than two tones darker than your current color. Levine shares that unless you want to look like a cast member from the Jersey Shore, subtlety is key. You can also achieve the look at home gradually using a color depositing lotion such as Jergen’s Natural Glow or Arcona’s Bronzer/Self Tanner. Finish your skincare routine with a light dusting of bronzing powder and highlighting cream, and you’ll be beach blanket ready in no time.

Ali Levine, Celeb Stylist, Ali Levine Design

How do you prep your sexy summer skin so you’re ready to hit the beach this summer?

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