Star Beauty Trend: Extreme Style

Celebrity Style TIpsIt seems like there are some celebrities that can push their look to the limit and come out looking incredible.  Think Sophia Loren, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Madonna, Katy Perry or even Mary Kate Olsen.  While we’re not suggesting you copy their extreme fashion styles piece for piece, there’s certainly something to be learned by following their celebrity style tips

Don’t be afraid to push your style beyond what is expected.  Take your brunette hair a little darker or take your blonde hair and go platinum.  Buck the nude lip trend and go for a red lipstick with pin-up girl eye makeup.  Find your style and go with it.

As long as you don’t come out looking like a cartoon character or making apologies for your style, you should express yourself to your fullest.  Confidence is the only thing you really need to own in order to pull off any style you favor.  Fashion should be fun and daring.  It’s not permanent and there’s no real commitment beyond finding a couple inspiring clothing items, accessories, or new makeup colors.

Consider shopping at smaller boutiques, vintage clothing stores, or thrift shops to find something truly unique and spin it into your own style.  Or, who says you need to be satisfied with what you find on the rack?  If you’re handy with a needle and thread rework an outfit into your own design.  No sewing abilities?  No problem.  Follow a couple on-line tutorials and turn a simple thrift store t-shirt into an amazing top with just a couple snips of the scissors.

Celebrities learned a long time ago that standing out in a crowd is not a bad thing.  Don’t blend in with the masses…express yourself!

Written by Sarah Ann of Conway, MI – August 2009

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