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Celebrity BeautyThe world first came to know her as Elaine O’Connor-Nardo, the struggling divorced mother of two on the Emmy Award-winning hit sitcom “Taxi”.  Today, Marilu Henner is a celebrity beauty star, shining brighter than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. A New York Times bestselling author on health eight times over, wife and mother of two teenage sons, Marilu also teaches classes and workshops as the leader of her online health community.

Marilu's Celebrity Beauty Tips

ExperimentingMarilu started as a food advocate by experimentation.   She started by giving up a popular diet soda. “I was drinking two gallons of it a day!” but did live cola-free for a few weeks. When the three weeks were up, she eagerly drank her first soda. Her experience was surprising. “I tasted it and my mouth hurt, my tongue tingled, it bloated my stomach, and it tasted like poison. I thought, ‘My goodness, I’m never having this again!’” And she didn’t. Ditching cola marked the beginning of her full-fledged journey to health – and a whole new way of living.

Dairy – At a meeting with a nutritionist it sparked another huge change – giving up dairy. Following her nutritionist’s advice, she somehow found the ability to overcome her dairy addiction and give up her beloved cheese for three weeks. Although it had never occurred to her that her sour stomach, blemished skin, bloating, and extra pounds had anything to do with eating dairy, she found that it did. She gave up dairy and continued moving toward a plant-based diet and more fully into being a healthy food advocate.
Sugar- and Meat-Free – Today, Marilu doesn’t eat dairy, meat, or sugar. Her skin glows, she rarely gets sick, her weight is a very trim 120 pounds and she loves the way she feels. A healthy vegan, she says that she doesn’t worry about her protein or calcium intake. Over-consumption of protein, she believes, contributes to chronic inflammation in the body – not good for the heart or joints. So strong in her convictions, Marilu was one of two private citizens in a group of 24 that met with Congress to discuss dietary guidelines and the food pyramid in 2004. “I presented an argument for placing a health warning label on meat, dairy, and sugar, much like you’d see on a pack of cigarettes.
Water – Water should also be part of the pyramid, said Marilu, noting that one of our biggest problems in this country is that we are so dehydrated – a result of eating concentrated foods with low water content and concentrated drinks, too – fruit juices, sodas, milk, and coffee.
Life’s Work Marilu is currently teaching an online course on her website called, “What Would Marilu Do?” During the course, she interacts with health enthusiasts throughout the worlds, providing daily tips. Next up will be her “Hot for the Holidays” course that provides a complete step-by-step guide to enjoying the holidays from start to finish feeling one’s best. She shared some of her health secrets with Healthy Living readers, emphasizing that health is not a destination, it’s a journey.
ExerciseMarilu has a pretty simple routine. “I move! I take a two-to-three mile speed walk every day because I love it. I’m not a runner, I used to be a runner until I had my kids. But I love speed walking. It’s good for my head and for my body. I also love Pilates. I do a Pilates routine that takes about 13 minutes. And I try to do it every day or take a Pilates class.”
Supplement – While Marilu gets excellent nutrition from the whole foods she eats, she does supplement. And she switches up her supplement routines throughout the year, depending on her body’s needs. Currently, she takes a daily enzyme supplement. “It just makes me feel good. If I have health issues, they tend to present in my stomach or ankles. The enzymes really help my digestion
Natural Beauty – Of course, Marilu’s greatest celebrity beauty secret is what she puts in her body – the excellent nutrition from eating whole foods and a vegan diet, plenty of water, and supplements like omega-3s. She also uses the purest and best natural ingredients beauty has to offer to nourish her skin. She loves shampoos and moisturizers that are perfume-free. 


Having been on a journey to health for more than 30 years, Marilu has made difficult changes that have rewarded her with the energy and vitality of a woman half her age. Her life today, with its creativity, variety, and richness is not unlike the vibrant childhood she enjoyed. As a celebrity beauty star and a good food advocate, she is a visible figure and a credible voice.

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