Liven Up Your Hair From Home – With Blake Lively!

Although you may not want a ton of paparazzi following you around every day, surely you would like to at least look like the celebrities you see on TV, right? Well, now you can! We have the inside scoop on what these celebs secretly do to stay beautiful- and you can do it too, right from your own home.

Blake LivelyAll-American actress Blake Lively may look like the girl-next-door, but she has a skeleton hiding in her closet about how she gets those gorgeous, blonde locks. Ms. Lively keeps her hair alive by trimming it often, but that’s not all, she trims it… on her own! That’s right; you can accomplish this without having to go to the salon.

To simply trim your own strands:

  • Braid your hair into small braids- making it easy to access each one
  • The split ends will pop out of the tight braid- then just clip them right off!
  • This will allow for a simple and quick chop of your split ends, without the possibility of completely hacking your style.

Blake also keeps the hair masks in her hair instead of rinsing them out. So next time you spread in a concoction of hair pick-me-up, rub it though and leave it in, allowing for that popular, piecey look.

Have your own recipes to liven up your hair from home?  Please share them with us!

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