Lady Gaga – Beauty Tips, Love Life, Workout Routine, and More!


Lady Gaga Beauty Tips and Secrets

Skin Care – Lady G says her beauty influences are her mother (Cynthia Germanotta) and Princess Diana.  Her mom taught her to wash her face with Ivory soap but, when asked how many nights per week she goes to bed wearing makeup, she replies, “Seven. That is not good for your skin, but I’m blessed with good genes.”
Skip Tanning – What does she say is good for her skin? The sunblock she carries around in her beauty bag. “I don’t like to tan my face because it’s bad for wrinkles.”
Eye Makeup – “I just wear eyeliner – I think it’s more modern not to wear mascara or false eyelashes these days.”

Lady G’s Best Beauty Tip

“Be Yourself – Just go with your gut, whenever you try to be someone else, it’s boring.”

Lady Gaga Desires

Foot Massage – Lady G admits that she’s dying for a foot massage to relieve her achy feet after all those days spent walking in sky-high heels.

Fame – To be famous 100 years from now
Fashion Designer – Lady G has already co-designed some headpieces with Milliner Philip Treacy

Lady Gaga Celebrity Workout Routine

Lady G’s trainer (celebrity fitness guru Harley Pasternak) shared her on-the-go workout routine with US magazine and we're sharing it with you!

View her routine here: The Lady Gaga Workout

Harley says consistency is key! Lady G and Harley perform a strength training routine 5 days per week plus all the cardio that Gaga gets from dancing and performing on stage.

Lady Gaga’s Love Life

Lady G is pretty close-mouthed about her love live, admitting only that Luc Carl is her best friend.  Luc is 30 years old, runs 20-40 miles per week and sticks to a diet of plain, steamed foods – sounds like a good match to me! 

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