Janet Jackson – Her New Body and Skin Secret!

Celebrity Beauty TipsJanet Damita Jo Jackson was born May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana. At age 16, she signed her first recording contract with A&M and released her self-titled debut album that same year.
Her celebrity beauty tips include how she got her new body, her great skin secret, and her diet.

Questions From Janet's Exclusive to Health Magazine

Considering all you’ve been through, what message would you like to send to young women?   It starts with knowing who you are and loving yourself, not looking at this person and that person and saying, “They look perfect, and they’re a lot thinner than me.”  Every body type is different, that’s what makes you unique. What makes you special is you, and you are different from the next person. And that really begins at home. Peer pressure is very tough. I have a niece who comes home from elementary school and she says, “I’ve got to go work out!” She’s doing push-ups and sit-ups, and it’s crazy. So be a kid as long as you can.
Do you like working out? I hate it (lol).  I love my trainer, Tony, but we fight all the time.  You know how some people like boot camp, where someone’s yelling at you?  That’s the biggest way to turn me off.  That will make me say “You know what? I’m not doing this.” But Tony is sweet. He knows I love sports and games, so that’s how he gets me.  We’ll do obstacle courses.  He said recently, “You’ve got to lift.” But right now, I just want to run and do ab work.  So I’ll run for maybe an hour.
What do you do to pass time on the treadmill?  Listen to music. For a good run, I’ll listen to old, funky stuff like Roger Troutman or Sly and the Family Stone – something that makes me want to move.  Or I’ll watch the History Channel or old, classic films.
When it comes to your diet, are you still vegan? I was, but my trainer is constantly in my ear about not getting enough protein, so I started eating fish.  When we were growing up, all of us kids were vegetarians. No one had asked me to stop eating meat – I just noticed everyone else around me had stopped, so I followed the crew.  And we were doing things like getting colonics, which was really progressive back then, being 11 years old.
You got a colonic at 11? Yeah, once a month my mother would drive us to downtown LA. That played a big part in my life and career, because I learned at a very young age what discipline truly meant, to be able to pass up the French fries and the piece of candy.
Are there any diets you regret in retrospect? Something crazy? Yes, creating my own diet. It worked, but I wouldn’t advise it for anyone.  It was during the Rhythm Nation tour, and I had shot all the videos except for one,Love will Never Do (Without You). I actually wanted to wear a dress, because I was so covered up from head to toe. And then Herb Ritts (director) said, ”Why don’t you wear jeans and show your midriff?” And I said, “OK, I’m down for that.” And I decided to have an apple and one small bag of tortilla chips a day.  That’s all I ate. This is awful…this is not the thing to do. I did that for maybe a week. Plus, I was riding the bike every day. I don’t care what hour I’d get back at night – it may have been one in the morning, and I would be on that bike for an hour.  And I lost a lot of weight. But I gained it back and more after that.
What Makes You Happy? The beach really calms and relaxes me. That’s why I’m always running to an island if I can. I love to travel! Another very important thing is your support team – who you surround yourself with, whether it’s at work or at home.

Janet’s Great-Skin Celebrity Beauty Tips

“Castile Soap. My family has used it for generations.” To get Janet’s glam look, she uses these Elizabeth Arden products – Lip Definer in Cocoa – Lip Gloss in Honey Glaze – Cheek Color in Tearose – Powder Pencil in Espresso – Eye shadow in Gold. 

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