How To Get Fashion-Model Fierceness!

Fashion models wow their admirers with the clothes they show off, their walk, and their hair! Japanese fashion model and actress, Rila Fukushima, has super fierce hair while playing opposite Hugh Jackman on the set of the 2013 superhero film, The Wolverine. Lucky for us, she bared all on how easily she achieves her 3 fiercest hairstyles and how you can too- from home!

One of Rila’s famous looks is her volume-amped retro nod:

– Simply twist hair around 1 in. curling iron- secure with pins or coils
– Once curls are unwound, flip your hair upside down and brush out in this position
– Generously spritz with hairspray for hold

This look is modern with curls starting lower than the roots, creating more volume throughout and towards the bottom of your hair. With this look, you’ll be able to confidently strut the runway like Rila- or just the beach!

Another look Ms. Fukushima rocks is her clean and easy straight look. This is great for long hair and will create a fun and loose feeling:

– Flat iron hair throughout
– Run fingers through hair with a strong-hold gel

This will give your hair a piecey and textured look that is sure to still blow in the breeze and impress even the most super of humans.

Rila also can pull off a short and sleek look, even though she has extremely long locks. So, regardless your length, you too can pull this off and it will look effortless:

– Start with a very deep side part, to about the end of your eyebrow
– Spray on a gel for hold
– Comb through to smooth down any fly-aways or bangs (if you have them)
– Simply pull the rest back in a low bun or pony

Achieving this unisex, 70’s inspired, slicked-back style will create the illusion of a short crop, sure to wow any audience!

Combine these celebrity hair tips with “A Modern Take On The Smokey Eye” for an all-around gorgeous look!

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