Get Sexy For Date Night – In Only 5 Minutes!

Lucy HalePutting on makeup can be a hassle, but trying to spice it up and do a smoky eye or a stand-out, pucker-up lip for a hot date can be even trickier, but with these tips and tricks given by celeb makeup artist Katrina Hess, you can be looking like how she has American actress and singer Lucy Hale looking in no time.

Lucy can take her look from day time- subtle and soft to night time- sizzling and seductive in just 5 minutes. Now that she has shared her secrets with us, you too can accomplish this quick and sexy change to your face!

  1. Run pencil black eyeliner along inner rims of eyelids. This bold contrast of the dark against the white of your eyes will create a mysterious loo, sure to lure your date for the night! This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to switch your eyes from day to night.
  2. Sweep pencil across upper lash, starting thin at the inside corner and making it thicker going out towards the outside corner. Once this is completed, smudge the outer corners, creating the perfect smokiness for any late night romance. (Add bronzer or shadow to lids for a more dramatic look.)
  3. Dab highlighter to the areas around your eyes, on your inner corners of your eyes, and in a C shape from your temples to your cheekbones. (You can use a lighter, silver highlighting cream for fairer skin and a more golden or dark highlighting cream for darker skin)
  4. Apply mascara along lashes by running brush vertically to add length. Once dry, use your eyelash-curler to look even longer.
  5. Choose a neutral lip gloss to swipe on with an extra dash of it in the center, creating the look of puffier, plumper, and more kissable smackers!

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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