Eye-Popping Drama You’ll Love

Fashion and Beauty writer, Kimberly Sterling, provides us with even more great eye-popping tips that when applied will have you looking like you’re about to walk the red carpet. Incorporate these celebrity beauty secrets into your makeup routine and wow your love with a stunning pair of captivating eyes.

Fake a Deep Set of Eyes

A trick many celebrities use to give the appearance of a deep set of eyes is to take a swoop of blush in a darker color (plum, dark pink, or brownish pink) and apply lightly to their eyelids. Wearable as-is or with eye shadow! A very simple trick that instantly gives the appearance of a deep set of eyes by adding a pop of color!

Add Drama to Your Smokey Eye

An instant way to add extra drama to your smokey eye!

Start by taking a pencil brush and a dark colored eye shadow (black, brown, gray, and navy tend to work best). Once you have the color on the brush, lightly run the tip of the brush along your lower lash line. You can either stop in the middle of the eye (underneath the pupil), or continue your line in to the inner corner of the eye.

A quick and simple way to bring a new dimension to a sexy, smokey eye and a favorite by many celebrities including: Blake Lively, the Kardashian sisters, and Nicole Scherzinger, just to name a few!

Kimberly Sterling, Fashion and Beauty Writer, 275 Park Avenue Blog


Do you love changing up your makeup routine?  What’s your favorite way to add drama to your eye-makeup when heading out for a night on the town?


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