Celebs Bare It All – Get Their Simple and Flawless Face facts!

Ok, so the beautiful women of Hollywood look absolutely perfect in magazines because of a magical thing called photo-shop, right? Well, we’re finding out now that that’s not always true. We have the inside scoop on just how you can get your face looking photo-shop polished too!

Voluptuous Lips– Victoria Secret model and actress from the movie Transformers, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, has lips that look so plump and soft you’d think they were pillows! Achieving this is simple:

  • Line lips just beyond natural lip border with liner that matches your real lip tone. Connect the middle peaks of upper lip instead of outlining the natural dip
  • Fill in the connected line above the peak with liner (This will create the illusion of a larger, plumper upper lip)
  • Fill in lips with a two-in-one lipstick with a gloss core- offering light reflection and shine- ultimately creating a fuller-figured mouth


Lush Lashes– Popular TV star, Kim Kardashian, shows off that money-maker face of hers with her eye-popping, smoky brown eyes, which are always surrounded by mega-long lashes. She gets these flawless lashes with one simple trick; Fast-drying mascara. Instead of using the usual volumizing-mascara (which contains moisture-rich emollients), layer on quick-dry mascara instead for thicker lashes. Just be sure to layer on coat upon coat!

Skinny Pores– Friday Night Lights actress, Minka Kelly, has a face that looks photo-shopped even when it’s not. She says her process is only two steps:

  • Cover face with a silicone-packed primer (This will still even out tone and texture without being too heavy on your pores)
  • After letting set for 3 minutes, apply a velvet-based finish, creating a dewy-look that won’t amplify pores).


Fierce Cheeks- Johnny Depp’s partner in the movie The Rum Diary, Amber Heard, has cheeks you could spot from all the way across a room- and we’re not talking about those cheeks, we’re talking about the ones on her face! Ms. Heard uses a sculpting duo that anyone can work with:

  • Apply chocolate-brown contouring cream under cheek from ears to mouth, blending upward (Darker shades absorb light, which create a more chiseled look)
  • Brush iridescent shimmer on top of the bony ridge of your cheek, tricking the eye into thinking the cheek is higher than it actually is


Use these simple makeup tips and tricks on your face before you go thinking your pictures need to be airbrushed too!

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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