Celebrity Tips

Some great celebrity beauty tips from some top celebrities!

Catherine Zeta Jones secret to removing fine lines and dead skin.  She rubs a mixture of honey and salt all over her body to moisturize and exfoliate.  “You wash it off and your skin is gorgeous”.

Celebrity Beauty Tips
Jennifer Lopez swears by juices to keep her healthy, drinking herb and oatgrass juice every day and, after dinner she drinks a beetroot and carrot or cucumber and celery juice to purify. Celebrity Beauty Tips
Beyonce has a trick to give you shiny nails in seconds. Take a vitamin E capsule, break it open, and massage the oil into your nails and cuticles. This moisturizes nails and gives them a slick, shiny appearance. It’s like getting a glossy top coat in seconds. Celebrity Beauty Tips
Renée Zellweger says bags are hard to hide even when you have makeup pros on call. Dampen an eye pad that contains botanical skin-soothers and stick it on your eye for 10 minutes to get that 8-hours-of-sleep look. Celebrity Beauty Tips
Julia Roberts highlights her hair with a 3-color strategy, staring with an auburn shade that's ½ shade lighter than your natural shade. Alternate the other two colors like a sunset gold and a crimson-tinged chestnut. Celebrity Beauty Tips

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