Celebrity Beauty Secrets for Fabulous Hair

Turn heads like the stars using these celebrity beauty secrets for fabulous hair. Take your locks from listless to lush and give your hair just the right amount of oomph it needs to maintain its style and volume.

Younger Hair, Younger You

Want to look younger? One secret to looking more youthful is easily overlooked and easy to conquer. Here are a few tips to achieve younger looking hair and a younger you.

Ask your colorist for a gloss. It is my secret weapon for all the actresses I do before they walk the red carpet. It will look incredibly shiny, tame frizz, get rid of brasiness and will reflect light all in one shot.

Do a deep conditioning treatment on top for even better shine.  Your hair’s ability to reflect light mimics a child’s hair and you can see results in under an hour.

Jennifer J., Celebrity Colorist, owner of Juan Juan Salons

Treating Dry Hair

I have treated many celebrities over the years with Maine & Tail,  manufactured for show horses. It is made from lanolin, wool production, it closes the cuticle and gives your hair great shine and body.

Treating Thinning Hair

Stem Cell Injections is an effective treatment for thinning hair. We have been treating celebrities with thinning hair by injecting their own stem cells and growth factors made from their own blood.

John Satino, Clinic Director, Hair & Scalp Clinics


What is your favorite hair treatment that brightens your look?

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