Catch Your Prince With These Celebrity Beauty Secrets From Kate Middleton

This week we are revealing the hottest celebrity beauty secrets! Harness your own celebrity charm for a dazzling look that will have everyone gravitating toward you like paparazzi to Brittany Spears.

Do you want to catch yourself a prince like the beautiful Kate Middleton? See how she transformed her good girl reputation with a stunning and daring dress that caught Prince William’s eye.

Dress Like Kate Middleton & Catch Your Own Prince!

Kate Middleton is the quintessential good girl who used bad girl secrets to catch her prince. And one of her top secrets was wearing a sexy, sheer dress at their college fashion show. When Prince William saw her in it, he turned to his friend and said, “Wow! She’s hot!” Before then, they had only been platonic acquaintances. But, after this image became imprinted on his mind, he turned her into his love interest and now his wife!

You, too, can catch a prince by wearing this flirtatious dress. I went to London to bid on the original – which sold for $125,000. Though I was outbid, I did become the “U.S. Ambassador” of the limited edition of replicas of the dress. It makes every woman feel like a princess-to-be and attracts princes like bees to honey! 🙂

Carole Lieberman M.D., Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author, Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets

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