Carmen Electra Tells You How to Be Sexy

How to be sexyCarmen Electra’s newest book, How to Be Sexy, teaches women more than mere sex appeal. The underlying theme of her book is an important lesson: all women have the capacity to be sexy, regardless of age, body size, height or weight. Sexiness is an attitude, a confidence you exude that attracts others.

How to Be Sexy shows the reader that with the right approach, anyone can become a “hot” babe. Sexiness is really an point of view – having a sense of humor, projecting confidence, developing a welcoming personality – basically, letting your inner self show through to those around you.

Ms. Electra shares her own sense of humor throughout How to Be Sexy. It’s clear to the reader that Electra has that confidence and grace. While she shares make up tips, clothing suggestions, and hair styling instructions, Electra also shares her trademark endearing charm.

Like Ms. Electra, we believe that women are sexy – at all ages and sizes. Our site, Always New You, is devoted to providing information to women and is a source for women to find out more information about feeling comfortable and taking care of themselves.

Much like Ms. Electra’s approach in How to Be Sexy, our site focuses on providing information about products and services related to health and beauty secrets. You’ll find informative articles on health topics, tips and advice on feeling good and looking your best, book reviews on newly released health and beauty topics, and an informative blog that covers up-to-the-minute information on hot health topics.

This site helps women of all ages, but a focus of our attention is women approaching or entering menopause. Women in this age group may not have the information they need to properly take care of their body, health or skin. That’s what our site does – we provide a source of information so that women of any age can discover and research healthy options for their body.

We recognize that menopause brings unique challenges to women – you may experience changes in your skin, metabolism, health, sleep, and personality. An important part of our site is devoted just to this topic alone. We want to help women gain better understanding of menopause and the changes it brings to your body. Menopause is no longer something to be feared; it’s a stage of life that brings promises and new directions. That’s what we want to emphasize on our site – menopause is simply a different life stage – one that is filled with new opportunities and challenges.

If you are looking for a resource to help you feel young, vital, and sexy, Always New You is the place for you. You’ll find information and products that help you maintain your youthful appearance, and promote health for years to come.

Like Ms. Electra, we believe being sexy is more about what’s inside your body than the outside image. We’ll provide you with articles, tips, and advice on nurturing the inside and the outside, so that you can learn how to be sexy for years to come.

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