3 Simple Ways To Get Pretty In Pink For The Summer!

Jump on the trendy band-wagon and look like The OC sweetheart, Lauren Conrad, or The Twilight princess, Dakota Fanning, by adding some pink to your hair. That’s right, pink! Now, I know you’re thinking you can’t pull it off, but guess what, you can! Here’s how:

So, the key to you rockin’ your new, bright Do is subtlety. There are a few different ways this can be accomplished.

Streaks- Rose gold, as opposed to pink, is hot right now. This color is not as frightening to some as hot pink, therefore may be easier for you to feel comfortable covering your hair in chunks of this yummy hue. Just place highlights of rose gold throughout your hair with bits and pieces around your face and peek-a-boos throughout and underneath the rest of your locks. This look is sure to add just the right amount of sassy color and will look darling with that new, brightly colored summer dress you just picked up!

Dipped Tips- Ms. Conrad and Ms. Fanning both stepped out in the sun this year with their hair dipped in a luscious, hot pink. Talk about daring! Both these ladies are young, sweet, and usually casually styled. Yet, this subtle look has them saying, if they can pull it off, so can you!

All over wash- Just like having a nice red tint to your hair that glows when the sun hits it just right, an all-over yet subtle wash of pink will have the same effect but with a sweeter feel to it. Singer/Songwriter, Demi Lovato, chose to go down the rose-gold path and loves it. She said it warms up her completion but the down side is that it fades fast. The fading is probably a good thing though, in case you decide to cool down the heat once summer ends.

Now, let the subtle, coppery-pink take over! It works on blondes or brunettes and is sure to be a show-stoppin’ accessory to any of those super cute summer rompers you just scored!

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You


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