Celebrity Workouts ֠Straight From Their Trainers!

Gunnar’s best workout tips include:

  1. Instead of jumping rope for ten minutes, do it for 100 jumps.  If you measure accomplishment by time, there’s no incentive to go harder; by picking a number of miles or reps, going hard means you get it over with faster.
  2. Make time for a little fitness on a daily basis.  Doing a little bit all the time is so much better than doing a lot once in a while.

Cameron Diaz / Christina Applegate / Lucy Liu – have all been trained by Teddy Bass.

He says, “Cameron Diaz wanted to do a lot of her own stunts for “Knights and own.”

Teddy’s best workout tips include:

  1. Change your intensity.  You can’t keep doing the same Spinning class or 20-minute jog and expect a different result.  If you’re running, that means increasing your speed or your distance.  For weights, lighten them and do more reps, or increase the weight and do fewer.
  2. Indulge – a little.  I don’t like banning a food completely, because then you’ll crave it the most.
  3. Work out in the morning.  You’ll boost your metabolism for the day.


Lady Gaga / Jennifer Hudson / Megan Fox / Katy Perry – have all been trained by Harley Pasternak

He says, “One of my greatest successes is Lady Gaga.  Think about the outfits she wears to the airport or out to dinner: She needs to look good all the time – not just for one upcoming video.  When she came to me, she had no structured nutrition or exercise plan.  Since her body takes a beating on tour from all the dancing, we did a lot of low-impact cardio: stationary bike, walking, and elliptical.  We also did calisthenics that focus on body sculpting.  I worked with her tour organizers so that everywhere she went, there would be fat-free Greek yogurt, sliced turkey, cut vegetables, and whole-grain Click here for more celebrity workouts and beauty tips! 

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