You Won’t Believe These Top 10 Pantry Picks That Make You Prettier

Face with splash of waterGet ready to spruce up your regular beauty routine, feel more refreshed at the office, or even spice things up for date night, all right from your kitchen

  • Water: This is simply the best hydration system for your own system, so drink up!
  • Strawberries: These pretty in pink sweets will keep you looking youthful because they’re packed with Vitamin C which aid in the prevention of wrinkles.
  • Dark Chocolate: Surprise! You can have chocolate after all! Just make sure it’s dark. Dark chocolate has flavonoids in it that does your skin wonders by fighting everyday free radicals.
  • Chicken: This bird will do more than keep you full, it actually helps you produce hair-boosting keratin to improve your locks.
  • Oyster: Stop for seafood – Making this menu decision is a double whammy – It’s proven that not only do Oysters have zinc that makes your hair grow longer and thicker, these babies also can prevents acne break outs!
  • Horsetail Grass Tea: This rare pick contains a substance that’ll help strengthen your nails. The extra trip to purchase this will be well worth it.
  • Low Fat Yogurt: This yummy snack is an awesome source of calcium. Calcium is known to fight any diseases, and, at any age, calcium is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
  • Tomatoes: The summer sun is no longer a worry if you add this bright red veggie turned super-fruit to your diet. Snack on these and fight the sun from two directions – Lycopene in tomatoes acts as a sun-blocking SPF and the team-working ingredient Lutein moisturizes and hydrates skin at the same time.
  • Salmon: Take up fishing lessons and reap the benefits of a beautiful head of hair – This catch of the day contains Omega 3 acids, maintaining oils in your scalp and hair to work towards a healthier, glowing mane.
  • Green Tea- As we know, this drink has many perks. Simply drink it and look and feel healthier. In this case, let’s focus on the skin – The tea’s antioxidants can reduce the effects of everyday environmental skin damage.


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Author: annsandretto

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